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  • Oscar Soto-Raices, MD​

    • Director médico

    • Reumatología​

    • Medicina Interna

  • Paloma Alejandro, MD

    • Reumatología

    • Medicina Interna

  • Ricardo Gago, MD

    • Reumatología

    • Medicina Interna

  • Melvin Acosta, MD

    • Gastroenterología​​​

  • Dr. Ricardo Jimenez

    • Radiología

  • Daisy Vazquez 

    • Ginecología ​


​Dr. Oscar Soto-Raices started empezó su carrera como Reumatólogo en práctica privada en Florida en 1999, en donde empezó a oftener experience como investigator clínica. Después se unió a la facultad de Emory University School of Medicine como Assistant Professor, donde continuó su práctica clínica en conjunto de varios "endeavors" académicos due incluyen   his career as a Rheumatologist on private practice in Florida in 1999 where he started getting experience as a clinical investigator. Later on he joined the faculty of Emory University School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor where he continued his clinical practice along with several academic endeavors that included teaching and planning curriculum for students as well as teaching for Resident and Rheumatology fellows.  

Later on started his own private practice Puerto Rico where he also joined Ponce School of Medicine as an Assistant Professor and most recently as an adjunct Professor at The Rheumatology Department at Puerto Rico School of Medicine.

At the same time had the opportunity of conducting clinical trial in his own practice and has kept on working on research since then. 

Throughout the years research projects grew in number and complexity leading to the beginning of a clinical research site (San Juan Arthritis and Research Center). The possibilities of growth lead to the possibilities of an independent dedicated Clinical Research Center and Mindful Medical Research was later born.

He has been an active speaker for Several Companies throughout the years as well as an advisor for Companies on Medical, Marketing strategies and  protocol design. Has also presented at Local and International educational Congresses throughout the years

Dr. Soto was the President and a Board member on the Puerto Rico Rheumatology Association and was the founder and first President of  Puerto Rico Foundation for Rheumatic Diseases - Fundacion FER, where he continues the preside the board of directors.

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