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Research Center

We are a state of the art Clinical Research facility located on a multi-specialty medical building in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are close to the financial district and at 10 minutes from the Airport and Hotels.  Other medical facilities, including hospitals, imaging centers, and other diagnostic facilities can be found within walking distance. Mindful Medical Research is an independent research center dedicated to conducting high quality clinical trials, specialized in Rheumatology and Autoimmune clinical trials. We have managed more than 50 clinical trials, including other therapeutic areas such as Psychiatry and Dermatology. Our center follows strict parameters and clinical structure with the highest level of professionalism. We work under Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and follow strict ethic principles. Patient information is handled following the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Our facilities include a local lab with a CLIA waiver on site allowing us to send specimens to central laboratories. The local lab is fully equipped with a centrifuge and incubator. Patient blood draw, sample processing and packaging are performed at site by our IATA certified staff. Freezers and a refrigerators are also among the equipment at the laboratory. In addition, at our lab we reconstitute and manage investigational drugs such as intravenous (IV) drugs.


Laboratory facilities

Fully equipped laboratory facilities with a CLIA waiver on site. A -30 F freezer as well as extra refrigerator are among the equipment at the laboratory.

Space for reconstituting and preparing Investigational Product under aseptic conditions as well as a dedicated locked refrigerator for un-blinded product if required by protocol.

Separate locked refrigerator to store un-blinded investigational product also available in the laboratory.

Blood drawing and triage station 


Infusion suite

Fully equipped Infusion suite on site


Research headquarters

Main area research quarters houses study coordinator stations, lock cabinets for regulatory binders, subject charts and a separate pace for study materials.  A dedicated fax and telephone lines for research accessible through our main switchboard. Photocopy and scanner a dedicated to research.

Storage facilities for investigational product

A separate locked storage room within the research area provides for investigational product to be  kept, with refrigerators as well as ample space for storing investigational products at ambient temperature.  Ambient temperature as well as refrigerator thermometers for constant temperature monitoring.

Monitoring room 

Private room adjacent to the main  research quarters with private partitions to house more than one monitor at the same time and with internet access for every cubicle.

Research work area


  • Centrifuge

  • Incubator

  • -30 degree freezer

  • Two locked refrigerator

  • A separate third locked refrigerator for investigational product storage (i.e. un blinded) if required by protocol and separate from the main Investigational product room.

  • ECG machine

  • Crash Cart

  • Local dry-ice delivery if necessary

  • Express couriers (UPS and FedEx)

  • Full power generator for the entire building

  • 24 hr availability (On-call system)



Imaging Center

We have created successful partnerships with Imaging Centers in the area. Our main Imaging Center is within walking distance. It is lead by a Radiology with subspecialties in Musculoskeletal and Neurological Imaging. The center has state of the art equipment with digital imaging capacity.

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