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Our Mission

Our Mission is to conduct clinical research with strict diligence and to provide dedicated and mindful care to our volunteer participants. It is also our mission to produce clinical data in a diligent and timely manner with the most careful attention to the quality of the data as to contribute with meaningful clinical results.

Our vision is to become a leading Clinical Research Site with expanding capabilities to conduct trials in several therapeutic areas with ongoing recruitment of qualified physicians and health professionals with different areas of expertise


“I have been a Lupus patient for 30 years, and I’ve had some very difficult periods. I needed to look for a new alternative for my health, so I could be more active. I have felt safe, the constant labs make me confident in the treatment. I was well counseled, all of my doubts were cleared up. My experience has been very positive, when I first arrived my hands hurt a lot, even brushing my teeth was a difficult task. After my third visit I started feeling so much better, I couldn’t believe it. My health improved immediately. I feel free.”

Sara Bonilla

“I had reservations about participating in this clinical trial for Psoriasis treatment. I found myself with a professional group that informed me very well about the process and treatment details. This gave me the confidence to go through with the clinical trial treatment. I was surprised with the amazing results. I used to be embarrassed with the appearance of my skin. Now, my psoriasis lesions are gone and I feel free to do more things than before.”

José López

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